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A contrarian view on food spending

How much money do you spend on food?

When I browse other PF blogs, I get the sense that being extremely frugal about food is a Very Good Thing. In fact, many people seem to brag about how little they spend on food.

But is minimizing your spending on food a good thing?

At the lower price end, you very often truly get what you pay for.

That rock-bottom priced chicken most certainly wasn’t the healthiest bird on the planet before it ended on the butcher’s block.

Those cucumbers on manager’s special most certainly do not have the lowest pesticide and contaminant load.

To understand this further, I recommend watching Food, Inc.

What we do

My wife and I shop at Whole Foods a lot, esp. for fresh meat, veggies and grains. We mostly avoid processed foods, but buy some processed food staples like soda and ketchup at the regular grocery store.

It ends up costing us more money, probably $500 more a month than if we bought everything at Costco, but after some recalled food scares (“Please discard the meat you bought from us, it is contaminated”), we a happy to invest that extra money.

It doesn’t ruin our savings rate and makes us feel better.

What do you do?

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