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Motivation for this blog

I have been an active reader and commenter on various personal finance blog for several years now.

However, I always felt that the topics discussed on those blogs typically missed the issues that my wife and I wrestle with given our somewhat higher-than-average incomes.

We aren’t interested in making our own laundry detergent or clipping coupons to save a few $ here and there, instead we want to move the needle in a much more meaningful way by optimizing the way we manage our income.

Lacking other useful sites to discuss these issues, I decided to start a blog to share what I have learned the hard way and explore new issues with you as they emerge.

I suspect this blog will appeal most to individuals with professional or entrepreneurial backgrounds (doctors, lawyers, bankers etc.), who make enough money to one day really regret mistakes they make now, but are too early on in their careers to have amassed a fortune that would justify the attention of private wealth managers and other professionals.

However, I hope the blog will also have a broader appeal than just the sweet-spot described above, and provide helpful insights for a broader population.

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